Engineering & Consulting

  • A full-service provider for all pre-manufacturing processes: We offer development and implementation solutions for projects of any scale and complexity, from initial consultation to production stage.

    • Consulting

      • We support our clients with consulting at all stages of the value creation chain, from development to production and logistics. With comprehensive expertise and many years of market experience, we can even cover complex fields such as micromechanics, embedded technologies, and specialized assemblies.

    • Development & Development Support

      • Our creative development team supports our clients at eye level during the realization of innovative development projects. We accompany them through all development steps – from an initial feasibility study and the first 3D models to a production-ready prototype and the design of suitable testing technology and systems.

    • Design

      • Using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM-PCB, simulation and 3D modeling technology, we can create precision parts along custom specifications. In the process, we also support our clients in selecting the ideal parts, components and materials, with a particular attention to cost-effectiveness and adherence to all relevant compliance and safety standards.

    • Applications & Software

      • Whether complementary to existing hardware and processes or as a standalone solution: Our team can develop custom-tailored software solutions and applications for our clients. Agility, interdisciplinarity and an eye on the latest trends in digitalization, user-friendliness and security are our guiding principles while doing so.

  • We are ready for your project!

    Feel free to contact us confidentially to learn more about our range of services. Within the framework of the group of companies, we will then put together the right competencies for you on a project-specific basis to address your challenges and deliver innovative solutions.  +49-152-53363159