Wide range of applications. Pinpoint specialization.

With our high-quality and reliable system solutions and services, as well as our network of partners, we support companies from a wide range of industries, from medical to metal technology.

    • Medical Technology

      • In medical and laboratory technology, the highest levels of precision and quality are essential for successful treatment and patient safety, from precision mechanical CNC-turned and -milled parts to electromechanical device assemblies and housing installations to media-carrying hoses. With long-standing experience in both hardware and software, mechatronics and PCBs, we supply clients worldwide in this field, offering a comprehensive end-to-end service package for all our products.

    • Equipment Manufacturing

      • When it comes to complex electromechanical assemblies, there are no longer any one-size-fits-all solutions – device requirements are continuously becoming more specific. That is why we work hand in hand with our clients in the field of equipment manufacturing in order to develop and manufacture electromechanical assemblies according to client specifications from a single source. In this field, we can look on many years of expertise in metalworking, sheet metalworking, electromechanics, LEDs as well as hardware and software.

    • Telematics

      • Smart telematics systems are indispensable for modern fleet and logistics management – and will only grow in importance as the volume of global freight traffic continues to rise. Our systems are rugged, compact, universally deployable, and custom-tailored to client-specific and ready-to-install designs. They support efficient logistics planning and help to effectively reduce fuel consumption and CO2 footprints.

    • Automotive

      • Modern vehicles require a wide range of smart EMS solutions for an even wider range of applications, from operation and control to safety and infotainment. That is why various Tier-1 and Tier-2 automotive suppliers and OEMs from around the world rely on our extensive expertise to design and manufacture innovative LED displays, sensors and microswitches, cable and switch assemblies, PCBs, and much more.

    • Testing Technology

      • Ideal performance of sophisticated technical products under a wide range of mechanical and ambient conditions is indispensable for almost every application scenario in every industry. Via comprehensive tests, from design rule checks of generated data in regard to its uniqueness and completeness, to a 100-percent visual inspection based on reference templates, to manual, electrical tests based on specific Gerber data as part of a testing regime, we guarantee the best possible functionality, safety and reliability.

    • Metal Technology

      • Measuring technology, vehicle construction, sheet metal stamping, forming tools and workpiece carriers, automation and conveying technology as well as machine and plant construction - the field of metal technology covers a wide range of applications. We are an experienced and strong partner for our clients from a wide range of industries in all of them - with consistently high quality and vertical integration as well as solutions custom-tailored precisely to client requirements.